Welcome to Lavender Mat

   Lavender Mat is a sacred place to retreat to when life won’t stop spinning; a place of transmutation, calm, wellness, and ease.  Lavender has the peaceful connotation of both the fragrant flower it is named after as well as the restorative power of the sacred Violet Flame. These two elements are guiding forces behind holistic, spiritual wellness. Lavender Mat Yoga focuses on incorporating all aspects of a full yoga practice; including, breath, meditation, conscious living, and spiritual teachings. Yoga is so much more than just an assembly of poses, it’s a lifestyle.  It’s a way of uniting your body and emotions with the soul; it is illumined living.  Lavender Mat Yoga brings healing to students through holistic wellness and intimidation-free yoga. All yoga classes at Lavender Mat are accessible for any level of yogi, including complete first-timers. Come to Lavender Mat to clear, ground, and release.

Excellent location and teaching with patience and education.

NO intimidation for those just wanting to try.

I felt in no way out of place and have done yoga 3 times in my life!


Really impressed for a first time go-er. I felt welcomed and at ease during practice, counteracting when I was full of anxiety on the drive to the gathering. This class was astonishing, exactly what I needed for the week ahead. It gave me such power in the midst of quiet. It opened my eyes to how I need to slow down, meet up with my soul, and make peace. I will totally be attending for many further practices.


I took Madison’s class while on a vacation, coming from New York City where yoga is as common as eating out, I have participated in many different types of yoga classes and have been led by a wide variety of instructors. Madison’s class was the best yoga class I have ever experienced. From the very beginning of the class, I felt completely comfortable and at ease. Madison’s instruction style makes her approachable and relatable. She explains the reasoning behind each movement (pose), allowing her students to become informed and knowledgeable about yoga and its effect on our bodies. Her friendliness, professional manner, and knowledge behind what she teaches make her class a one-of a kind experience which builds self-confidence, positive energy, and is a ton of fun!


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