Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

Yoga for the Pelvic Floor is for any woman with a pelvic floor!  In this class, we will use gentle poses and restorative movement to support your pelvic floor. We will focus on poses that will help strengthen and relax your pelvic floor and the muscles of the body that contribute to pelvic floor health.

This class is also for the following audiences/people with the following symptoms:

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • 6+ weeks Postpartum
  • Pregnant
  • Overactive or tense pelvic floors
  • Urinary Frequency or Urgency
  • Constipation
  • Leaking
  • Discomfort or pain with penetration of any kind (such as with sex or a tampon)

Please make sure you have been cleared by your doctor, physical therapist, or midwife before participating.


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I have taken yoga classes from multiples instructors and Madison’s teaching style is exceptionally calming and encouraging. She is very helpful to step through poses, showing the “correct” form. I’ve been able to correct my form on several poses which always felt a bit “off” for me. Now I know why….I wasn’t using proper technique!  Thanks, Madison!


Madison has helped me tremendously through her private yoga instruction.  As an athlete, I have had many injuries in the past, and she has been instrumental in helping me improve my flexibility and mobility.  As a doctor, I fully endorse her and her skills as an instructor.  Not only does she know her material She has a wonderful gift in the way she teaches and empowers her students each and every session.  I highly recommend her to people of all abilities, from beginner to advanced.

Dr. Michael Batla, D.C.

I have felt a sense of emotional healing since attending your blue moon yoga session and I would love to take classes with you regularly. You’re great at what you do. And from the depth of my being, thank you for what you do. The universe always delivers what’s necessary with impeccable timing, and I’m grateful I was able to re-introduce yoga into my life with that session.

Cara Michelle