photo by May May David

What is a Yoni Egg?

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone or crystal used to insert inside the yoni (vagina) to heal your sacred sexual center physically, energetically, and emotionally. The egg works to strengthen and tone the entire pelvic region – the pelvic floor muscles, the lower abdomen, the urogenital diaphragms and even the lower back – as well as relax tension held in this area.

Many women are cut off from their pleasure and sexuality and therefore their power. Yoni eggs reconnect you to your womb, your creation center, create sexual and sacral healing and awaken your lifeforce.


  • Yoni Egg in a selection of crystals – Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Nephrite Jade, Carnelian, Amythest, Aventurine, Moon Quartz, or Black Obsidian – available in drilled with string or non-drilled.
  • Gorgeous branded pouch for safekeeping.
  • Discrete and eco-packaging (plastic-free).
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  • Detailed instructions in the brochure.
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1. The first is the easiest, simply insert your yoni egg and wear it around the house. This allows you to bring awareness to your yoni space and to train and strengthen the pelvic floor. Start with 5 minutes, eventually working your way up to 20 minutes at a time. Be careful not to overdo your practice. When inserting lie on your back or come into a squat. Take a moment to breathe deep and center yourself before insertion. Be gentle and go slow, do not force it.


2. Practice gentle yoga moves in combinations with wearing your yoni egg. Moving your body while wearing the egg helps you to ground and facilitates a deeper connection with your sacral space. Recommended Poses: Cat and Cow, Downward Facing Dog, Butterfly Pose, and Bridge Lifts. Move in sensual, fluid ways to rise your sexual energy.  Roll your hips, thrust in rhythm with your breath and in unison with squeezing the egg.


3. Utilizing your breath and visualization create a transformational kegel practice. You can begin by simply holding your egg in meditation, I owned my first egg for up to a year before I got the courage to insert it. Before insertion bring your egg to your heart and set an intention. Center yourself and tune-in. Next sit in silent meditation, inhale deeply and squeeze the egg, on your exhale full release your contraction. It is important to fully release, so as not to create more tension.


To learn how to fully use your Yoni Egg I highly recommend the Yoni Egg Online Course by Rosie Rees, here.


**It is recommended to see a pelvic floor physical therapist to assess the health of your pelvic floor. An overactive pelvic floor or hypertension in your pelvic floor may benefit from releasing these tight muscles before strengthening.**


  • Increases connection with the Yoni (so many women are “cut off” from the waist down)
  • Increases sensation during sex/self-pleasure
  • Revitalises nerve-endings in the vagina
  • Improves overall life-force energy or “chi” in the body
  • Boosts sexual energy levels and awakens the libido
  • Helps train the vagina for childbirth and recover the muscles post-childbirth
  • Increases wetness and lubrication (yes, yes, YES!)
  • Helps to prevent prolapse whereby the pelvic organs collapse into the vagina due to atrophy and non-use.
  • Relieves incontinence (weak bladder/accidentally peeing)
  • Balances hormones by increasing blood flow to the area, which contributes to youthfulness
  • Heightens orgasmic potential and able to access a variety of orgasms
  • Helps to stay grounded in the body and brings awareness to the yoni, womb and entire pelvic band
  • Improves overall health, happiness, and wellness – physically and spiritually – as the yoni egg focuses on the place in the body with the most Chi (life force energy).