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Meditation has changed my life in immeasurable ways and I hope to give a little bit of that to you. Meditation is the key to life; through meditation, you can find deep relaxation, a connection with your truest self and spirit guides, spiritual experiences that shape who you are, and a silent space for healing and transformation. Meditation is a sanctuary.


In this companion album (over 2 hours of audio guided meditation!) to my book Meditate: A Simple and Straightforward Guide you will receive 7 Guided Meditation MP3s that coincide with the ones I teach in my book. In addition, you will get 4 BONUS Guided Meditations: Purple Rain Transformation, Discover Your Animal Chakra Guardians, Circulate Sacred Sexual Energy, and the Divine Fountain of Youth.


I really wanted to create this album for you so that you could have me right there in your headphones to guide you through the meditations I teach in the book. This way you don’t have to memorize the meditation techniques before trying and you do not need to distract yourself by trying to read the meditation steps while learning to meditate.

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5 reviews for Meditate Companion Album

  1. madisonrosenberger

    When Madison helped me tap into my animal guides, it was one of the most fun and profound things I’ve experienced. I always knew that I connected to certain animals more than others and being able to identify why was so enlightening. Since I’ve met my specific guides, it’s allowed me to tap into my chakras in a completely different way. They help guide and protect me in such a grounded, supported way and it’s truly enjoyable. I am so grateful to Madison for making it such a fun an enjoyable experience!
    – Brittnay Chaplin

  2. madisonrosenberger

    Coming home late from a long day at work, I was in desperate need of relaxation and finding some balance since I’ve been feeling a bit adrift. This mediation helped me so much. Meeting my animal guardians helped me to have a better understanding of things going on in my life and helped me to feel more grounded and centered. I really enjoyed that there was not music in this meditation because the quiet kept me more focused on my landscape and my animals. The pauses and pace were the perfect length, where they gave me time to explore but not so long that I wandered. Madison is a wonderful guide and I know I would not have discovered any of my animal guardians without her calming guidance!

    – Bridget

  3. madisonrosenberger

    This meditation had tears streaming down my face it felt so real and was so greatly guided. I loved it and was able to reach and discover places within myself I hadn’t been before. It was very unique and a well worth it experience! I feel like I just gained 12 soul friends who have always been there but never consciously knew. It is simply beautiful. I highly recommend it!!!! – Caroline Frisch

  4. madisonrosenberger

    I loved your meditation I was in the tub with my charcoal mask and it was the perfect meditation at the perfect time!
    -Brandy Littles

  5. madisonrosenberger

    This was soo beautiful to listen to.
    The place I went to felt so much like home, so peaceful. I’ve returned to it in other meditations because it feels so good to be there.
    A clear, cold mountain stream through a stand of trees. A huge moon behind me (like the moon was closer to Earth)
    Felt like long ago when the Earth was new. When it was being cared for by Indigenous groups of people.
    The Earth felt healthy, clean and unpolluted. Peaceful and quiet. Many animals beyond the trees (specifically wolves, felt not seen).
    – Jessica Walty

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